2nd International Slope Soaring Contest
for Disciplined & Freestyle Aerobatics

Hello and welcome all of you slope soaring pilots from around the world. Many of you may be aware of my work on slope aerobatics over the past three decades. Well now you have a chance to participate and experience my passion. If you know of other like-minded fliers, ask them to come on board and take up this challenge. Trophies and prizes will be awarded. All other participants will receive a certificate of achievement via email.

Disciplined / Freestyle Demonstration Video

The manoeuvres in the video below are by no means perfect but have been provided to give you an idea on how to perform your disciplined routine as required by the judges.  There is also a short piece of footage on freestyle aerobatics.


More Freestyle Demonstration Videos

Below is a link to a previous freestyle aerobatics contest which should assist you.


It was organised by SlopeAerobatics.com

I will leave you with my favourite quote."You don't have to be the best pilot, you just have to be the best prepared pilot." Good luck everyone, Ian Cole, contest organiser.

Rule & Guidelines
Post online: 1 x 5-1/2 minutes or less containing the 15 manoeuvres listed (including the landing) and performed in the order with which they have been listed and 1 x 2 minute freestyle aerobatics routine.

Once you have submitted both videos, (one entry per pilot) you can change them up until the closing date. Do not have accompanying music for the disciplined aerobatics as this will only distract the judges. Accompanying music is required for the freestyle aerobatics routine.

Following suggestions from last year's contest, I have decided that this year's contest can include any type of remote controlled, non-motorised glider or slope plane. This includes flying wings, canards, warbirds, sci-fis or other unconventional models that were not allowed last year. A decision will be made after the closing date as to whether multiple classes will be warranted. For instance, if there is only a handful of entries, then there will be only one class but if there are many entries, then I will look at dividing the models into separate classes. You must use the same glider throughout.

The disciplined aerobatics manoeuvres are similar to last year except there are more options and a couple of extra challenges thrown in for good measure. Edit your footage so that only the start and finish of each manoeuvre is shown. i.e. the start and finish of a manoeuvre is determined by a short but distinct level or horizontal flightpath. The altitude of the glider's flightpath should remain constant when entering and exiting every manoeuvre with the exception of the new Pattern manoeuvre and the Inverted Three Turn Spin, both of which start and finish on different levels. Manoeuvres requiring roll procedures can roll in and roll out in any direction.

The freestyle aerobatics routine can be edited how you like and does not have to include a landing. The routine does not have to contain any accurate or recognisable manoeuvres. It will be judged on its free-flowing and we hope, spectacular content.

Unlike last year, you can perform the disciplined aerobatics manoeuvres on any day and on any slope during the contest. Just remember when editing your footage to place the manoeuvres in the order in which they are listed. The freestyle aerobatics routine footage can also be performed on any day and on any slope during the contest but it would be in your interest to shoot this footage on the same day.

The video camera should be set up in a way that will give our judges the best possible viewing angle. This can be almost important as performing the maneouvres and/or freestyle routine. Try to include a reference point (e.g. horizon or landscape) at some stage in your videos to enable easier comparative judging. In other words, don't just show us a glider in blue sky.

Submissions can be posted anytime to thisthread. Your video must have been filmed in 2010 or after.

Winners will be chosen by in-house judges. Each disciplined aerobatics manoeuvre will be scored out of a possible 10. The Pattern manoeuvre will score double - a possible 20 points. The freestyle aerobatics routine will be scored out of a possible 40 points. The final results will be posted on this website and RCgroups.com

Sponsors for this event would be much appreciated.