Websites I've builted for other people.
Creative Cakes by Suzanne
West Gippsland Badminton
Mary Ham Art

Help make my dream come true.
Gippsland Model Trains

Southern Sailplanes. This company is located in Victoria, Australia and is well-known for its aerobatic model, the Ricochet.
Southern Sailplanes

West Coast Soarers Geelong.  This is a gliding club based in Geelong, which is the State of Victoria's 2nd city situated on the West Coast and adjacent to Port Phillip Bay.  Port Phillip Bay is Victoria's main shipping access too and from the world and sits at the bottom right end of Australia.
West Coast Soarers

Slope VTPR Aerobatics.  This site is mainly to do with flying slope soaring models very close to the ground.  It also provides lots of interesting articles, videos and links.

Tin signs for sales.  This company can provide pictures of trains planes, cars, etc.
Cheap Tin Signs

This page is set-up to list an array of RC sites.