Electric EPP & PS Fliers wanted for competition

Become part of the future generation of slope soarers.
Competitive slope soaring is a great way to learn about slope soaring.

Foamies: combat - limbo - pylon aerobatics - cross country & more.

Conventional: open & novice programs.

Competition to suit all skill levels.

And now introducing electric power-assist foam gliders into slope competition. No more waiting around for lift, fewer cancellations, more quality flight-time, interstate competitions and the Nationals now a real possibility.

Model Specifications
The following specifications are based on the Canterbury Sailplanes ‘Standard Eraser’ with electrics added to the design.

The model must be made out of foam of any type - preferably EPP for longevity. Strengthening rods (or other reinforcing) is encouraged but for safety purposes, no hard leading edges are allowed. ie, rods or dowels etc. The first 100m of the fuselage must not have any rods or dowel encroaching in this area and ballast must be fixed securely inside the fuselage at least 50mm back from the front of an ‘all foam’ nose.

Tailplane assembly
must be at the rear (no canards) and can be any size or configuration. However, a conventional rudder would be an advantage for some events.

of the aircraft will be specified before the competition season commences. All aircraft will be required to be weighted the same. Note that there will be no advantage in having LiPo’s or brushless motors - at least for the first season. This decision has been taken to keep costs to a minimum and to encourage beginners to enter the competition.

can be of your choosing as this will not be an advantage with the type of events being run.

can be fixed or fold-up but it would to your advantage to have a fold-up propeller.

Battery packs
can be any type.

The aircraft's dimensions must fit within + or - 1mm of the specified dimensions, unless otherwise stated.