The two eagles seen in the video have been residents in the Bass Hills for years. I have flown with them on many occasions. Sometimes they are passive and other times they are aggressive. On one occasion one of them crept up to my Ricochet from behind and pecked a hole in the wing. On other occasions we could be seen chasing each other around the sky. One year they were both accidentally trapped by market gardeners trying to trap crows (AKA ravens) which were eating their crops. Both species are protected. Fortunately, the trappers were caught in the act and penalised and the eagles were released unharmed. The photos were taken on the spur of the moment. I was practising for a competition this particular day. I rang my friend Gaston Vanzet on my mobile phone (while still flying) and told him to get over to the slope quickly and bring his camera. He arrived in a few minutes and took these fabulous shots with a high speed digital SLR camera.


Eagle versus Wingle
This photo below was taken at Kilcunda, Victoria, Australia. It was a rare occasion when a Wedge-tailed Eagle suddenly came into view and decided to cruise alongside a Zagi flying wing. Both were flying at an estimated altitude of 150 metres. Eagles have a fascination with model aircraft and seem to like flying with them.  Eagles are mostly passive creatures but on some occasions they can be very preditorial, especially when they are nesting.