(1) New Discovery    (2) High Adventure    (2) Fantastic Voyage
Created by Ian 'Downunder' Cole

This airport was purpose-built for Combat then modified to suit the newer Deadringers games.  When Deadringer games are in progress, there are 12 rings to find in each game.  The rings get harder to find as the games progress.

There are many powerups to make the game more interesting, including about 30 rocket powerups and some poison and infected powerups.

Based on the G5 default Boneyard airport, since modified by Buzz (Buzze's Final Cut), this gave me an excellent basis from which to develop it further.  The original airport contained about 500 pieces. There are now about 3000 pieces. The field layout is designed to take the emphasis off tail-to-tail combating by providing many places to run and hide or chase and find.

Cheers, Ian 'Downunder'.