BugginHill no.26 and no.27
Created by Steve 'Bugman'

Here is my custom Airport called BugginHill.  There are 3 versions - No.26 (combat), No27 and No.27A (Deadringers). The airport has been through a lot of development, hence the high numbers. There are a large number of areas to fly around, both if being chased as well as chasing. There are many powerups around - some in difficult to get to places, like under buildings, etc. There are also a number of launch points (or spawns) so you should never get pinned down in one spot.

The site makes a lot of use of the FREE Add-On packs born from the orginal G2 flight simulator. You need to have these installed correctly to fly in here. If you don’t have them you will be missing a lot of the buildings and fun things in here.

The Free Add-Ons are available for download here along with instructions on what to do with them: http://realflight.com/free-g4-add-ons.html

If you choose to download from the link above, please make sure you have correctly placed the file (after un-zipping them) in the correct directory under, C:\Program Files\RealFlightG4\Data or C:\Program Files\RealFlightG5\Data and not under your My Documents or User directory. If they are in the correct place you should see many new airports and aircraft in G5.

There are also a few buildings from the Real Flight Expansion Pack 6 around the edge of the airfield, mainly to practice landing on. If you don’t have the expansion pack (why not, get your credit card out and buy the lot – I did). These are just tower blocks and will not affect the overall experience if you don’t have them.

There are a number of things to fly through, like the single and double loop, the tower which is good to prop-hang in, buildings to try flying under, like the airport building complex and the airships and office buildings to try landing on. There are lots of stuff to play with even if just fun-flying.

I’ve had a go (first effort ever) to capture a video which I’ve uploaded on YouTube. Have a look at this like for a flavour to see if you like it. You can see all of the buildings when in your G5.5. This is by no means a tribute to good flying, I just thought it might encourage people to get the Add-Ons if they could see what they are missing.

~ View the video ~

Thanks to everybody who gave me suggestions in the development and thanks for sticking with me while I got this to the level where I could stop fiddling with it and publish it.

Have fun and I’ll see you online.
Steve 'BugMan'.